Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice - Read how Cherry Concentrate is Created

Published: 02nd December 2011
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The red cherry, technically known as Prunus Cerasus, has lengthy history of not only satisfying the appetite of any number of individuals across the globe. Plus this fruit is also an natural storehouse of powerful of antioxidants.

What makes this little stone centered tree fruit so amazing is it is not naturally native to the Northern Hemisphere of the America's. Did you know the mighty Romans actually brought the tart cherry back from their territories from Asia Minor to Rome and from there this tree produced food spread across all of Europe due to Roman trade routes. Finally, it made its way to North America with the early settlers. It not only satisfied hunger, but also was used as building material. The records state very first commercial tart cherry farm was started in Northern Michigan on the Old Mission Peninsula. This section of Northwestern Michigan is also known as the Traverse Bay region. Since this region grows over 65% of all of the tart cherries in the U.S. its good to look for Traverse Bay Cherry Juice


This little fruit grows best being close to larger bodies of water. Which allows the gusting winds from the surrounding lakes to help the cherry trees to remain cool during the summer and remain warm in the winter. This gift from Mother Nature is called "wind drainage" in the tart cherry industry. This tiny fruit is mainly grown for consumption in baking recipes, but also the Montmorency tart cherry is also earning a reputation for its natural ability in maintaining healthy joint function.*

So How is the Concentrated Cherry Juice


The very initial step in producing the concentrated cherry juice is extracting the juice from either the fresh or IQF (individually quick frozen) produce. Once removed, the product begins rigorous testing and micro-filtration. Plus, the recently produced juice is also flash pasteurized prior to being sealed into 52-gallon steel drums for storage. The final product is used to produce a number of different products including tart cherry juice, flavor enhancement for recipes and more.

An Overview of the Powerful Antioxidants in this Fruit

The concentrated cherry juice is a rich source of potassium, beta carotene and antioxidants. In addition, just 100 gm of the concentrate provides an ORAC value of 12,800 ORAC units. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. The more the ORAC units supplied by a food, the better it is in helping the body to fight free radicals. According to top nutritionists, individuals should consume 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units daily to help the body fight free radicals.

Concentrated cherry juice is also a natural source of anthocyanins, this antioxidant belongs to a class of compounds called flavoniods. It is believed these compounds help to maintain healthy joint function*

The end concentrated juice product also contains a class of compounds called Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), a strong antioxidant. These SOD's act as scavengers that search and destroy super-oxide bad things. Now that you know how the concentrated cherry juice is made and have discovered more about some of the natural health benefits, check out some suggestions on what to be on the lookout for when buying this red tangy drink. First look for 100% pure concentrated cherry juice with no added ingredients or added sugar. Second, be sure the product you are buying offers a 100% sediment-free guarantee. This ensures you are purchasing the highest quality concentrate available.

Mr LaPointe is the Head of Marketing with Traverse Bay Farms. He teaches about Cherry Juice

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